"How You Can Have the Business, the Income, and the Life That You Once Dreamed About When You First Started Your Practice"

Dear Colleague and Friend:

You started your law practice to make a difference…

… To make a difference in the lives of your clients and future generations.

… To make a difference in your family and the financial security you are able to provide.

To make a difference in your lifestyle… to actually enjoy the legal profession, escape the rat race and have more control of your time.

… And, to make a difference in your community; to genuinely help people and organizations understand the importance of estate planning, elder law and how to prepare for life’s most trying transitions.

So, How Did You Wind Up Overworked, Underpaid

Unappreciated…And Boxed Into a Grueling,
60+ Hour-a-Week J-O-B?

What Went Wrong?

Lawyers with Purpose exists to help dedicated attorneys get back on track, streamline their practices, increase revenue and avoid malpractice - all while working fewer hours and enjoying more time to spend with their families and serving their communities.

As a Lawyer with Purpose, you will receive the guidance and practice management resources you need to build a purpose-driven practice with personal and professional balance.

Lawyers With Purpose is helping attorneys transform their lives and businesses, schedule a 15 minute call to discuss how we can help you.

Why Are You Here? What Is YOUR Purpose?

Have you lost sight of the value of the services you provide?  Are you settling for less than you know is possible in your practice?

  • Maybe it’s because you’re feeling trapped in a hamster wheel, working endless hours with little to show for it and your practice going nowhere fast.
  • It could be because every day is a new set of challenges with your staff – it’s chaotic, frustrating, and nobody’s happy because no one is truly working to their full potential and they know it.
  • Or, perhaps money is tight, revenues are flat or falling, and it seems that no matter what you do to bring in new clients and business every new nickel is a struggle.

We know.

 When we say becoming a Lawyer with Purpose will change your life, it’s not just rhetoric, it’s our mission.  We live it, everyday, as do thousands of our member attorneys across the country.

 We know that the systems, strategies and resources we equip you with and teach you in our membership program will WORK for you, quickly, to help you create a practice and life you can feel proud of, satisfied with…dare we say love?

What Would Life Look Like If Your Practice Grew

100…200… or 682% (!) This Year?

The framework of the Lawyers with Purpose program was birthed over 15 years ago, with the average success of attorneys participating in the program experiencing 682 % (!) growth in their practices.

These results have continued predictably, and even improved, year-after-year for our members.  That’s because practice success has nothing to do with luck, the economy, how deep your pockets are or how connected you happen to be.

Instead, law firm success boils down to having a blueprint and strategic systems that keep your practice running lean and automate foundational aspects of client acquisition and service, so that volume can naturally increase without overwhelm or struggle.

As our members often say, “If you just follow the SYSTEM, you can’t screw this up!"

“My banker is freaking GIGGLY with joy!  I have 12 Medicaid applications this month, have cleared $30K for January and am at $26,000 for Feb. only 18 days into it with 4 applications on the table. Plus I have appointments for 4 more clients before next Friday. 

Plus thanks to Dave’s $10K breakfast, I have 2 financial planners on opposite sides of Houston with 5 clients and 3 clients, respectively, trying to set appointments for March (I was told to consider them a done deal because they have done the footwork for me). The system flat out works.

- Sandra Ard, TX


Lawyers With Purpose is helping attorneys transform their lives and businesses, schedule a 15 minute call to discuss how we can help you.

Isn’t It Time You Made A Change?

Insanity… it’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Sound like you? Maybe it’s time for a change.

We invite you to join us today to become a Lawyer With Purpose, where we will walk you step-by-step through the process of growing a successful practice that has a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of your clients, your family and the community.

What the Membership Program Includes...

We have two levels of membership: Bronze and Gold.

The biggest distinction comes down to the amount of coaching and support you desire.


  • We call Bronze the “dip your toe” level: it’s perfect for attorneys who are self starters, who have the time to implement many of the systems and resources on their own or want to move more slowly integrating changes into the practice.
  • If you’re ready to ”jump all in,” GOLD Membership is our highest level program, which includes a personal implementation director who is assigned specifically to your firm to help you hit the ground running with every system, marketing campaign and resource provided. Once you graduate implementation, you will transition into the mentor program. Also included in this level is the Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat for up to 3 members of your firm.

Now that you know the biggest difference between the two, let’s get into the nitty gritty of what each level of membership includes.

LWP Bronze Membership - Systems,
Software and Base Membership

1. Comprehensive Estate and Elder Law Software

One of the most unique and powerful elements of the entire Lawyers of Purpose™ Law Practice Model is our industry-busting document creation software. It's a whole new dimension to providing competent legal documents.

  • Our software is a single entry system. A single client interview based on the plan design will generate all documents necessary (wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorneys, revocable trusts, and irrevocable trusts) based on ONE entry…saving you time and software-related frustration!
  • The artificial intelligence that powers our software will warn you if you pick choices throughout a plan that are inconsistent or could lead to potential malpractice.
  • Our Medicaid qualification worksheet and software are by far the most advanced in the industry. It helps you properly calculate Medicaid eligibility for any type of client and generates an easy-to-understand plan to show you how to qualify in the least amount of time possible.
  • Our robust and fully-customizable software further supports attorneys in the areas of Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs, Estate Tax Plans, including Veterans Administration Pension Benefits Qualification, Medicaid Qualification, and Probate & Trust Administration.
  • No longer will you need to join countless organizations and membership programs in order to cherry-pick and piecemeal together software that you can actually USE.
  • We’ve ensured that you are protected at every angle, with the added benefit of knowing that those in your office who are supporting you in document drafting will be doing so competently and accurately, thanks to our built in safety controls.

* This system can run through HotDocs desktop or through the LWP Workflow System with HotDocs in the cloud. The purchase of HotDocs and/or ActionStep are the responsibility of the user and not included in the monthly membership fee.

"We’ve proved over and over again that you just can’t mess this up.

If you follow the tool, you follow the law.”

-- LWP Member


2. Marketing System Support

 Many attorneys are averse to marketing, and worse, they don't do it until they have to – which is when they’re not making payroll.

We believe that you really do have a moral obligation to make sure you communicate the value you provide to society. And when you do this…with the help of very clearly defined strategies, tools, and systems – it not only makes your job easier and more profitable, it helps you help more people.

As a Lawyer with Purpose, we guide you through the process of creating targeted marketing and sales efforts… that you can feel good about, so your practice grows reliably, predictably, and QUICKLY.

And, we show you how to build lasting relationships with referral sources and strategic partners - ensuring an endless stream of new business and new clients that stay loyal and refer their friends over and over again.


Want proof that our marketing WORKS? Just by scheduling TWO of these strategic partner meetings each week and on a very limited budget, co-founder Dave Zumpano grew his practice into a multi-million dollar operation that now employs 20 staff members and 5 attorneys.

We’ll show exactly what he did…including the in’s and out’s of these strategic meetings, how to get them set up, what to say and what to do so that streams of new business flow in each week in exchange for just three measly hours of your time!


3. Estate Planning Systems and Processes

As a Lawyer With Purpose, we equip you with all of the practice management systems and resources you need to run and grow your practice like a Fortune 500 Company.  Each system works together to streamline and automate your practice and help ensure that you can successfully increase volume without being forced to work 80 + hour weeks or load up on staff that can’t possibly deliver in such a chaotic and overwhelming environment.

 We’ll help you more naturally step out of the “lawyer-as-a-job-box” to take on a more entrepreneurial, “business builder” role in your practice where you will finally have the confidence and ability to:

  • Take more time off knowing things will get done, competently. 
  • Identify the most efficient team members and those that don’t belong. 
  • Ensure each client and prospective client matter is handled the same way, every single time, from start to finish. 
  • Do more in way less time. 
  • Have a valuable practice that you can actually sell when you want to retire.

By following our processes and implementing our proprietary systems, you will build a fail-safe practice that prevents mistakes, handles routines efficiently, and buys back your time to truly serve clients as a trusted advisor.

4. Client Management System

A good marketing system to generate a new prospect to call your office is invaluable, but all too often we see all the hard work of good marketing destroyed by the lack of a proper client enrollment system.

What is client enrollment? It is simply helping the client to identify how you can support them so they would be willing to engage you to help solve their problem.

  • At LWP we use a simple three-step process to show you how to enroll, engage or “close” more prospects that come into your office (or attend a seminar) without pressure or slimy sales techniques.
  • We’ll teach you how to sell - without really selling- and how to prime your prospect to say YES to your services before they even step foot in your office.
  • This system alone has helped our members increase their client enrollment rates up to 90%, allowing them to turn more prospects into retained clients, shorten initial meetings and take back their time!


5. Legal & Technical Support

Whether you are a seasoned estate or elder law attorney, transitioning into these fields, or a newly-minted attorney fresh out of law school – we all need help keeping up on industry developments, changing laws, and burgeoning technology. LWP excels at support, with a variety of learning, sharing and training opportunities for members and staff.

  • Our Listserv is unlike any you’ve ever been a part of.  Our community is active, incredibly responsive and there to support you any time you experience bumps, hiccups or frustrations in your practice.
  • Every Monday at 4 p.m. (Eastern) we host a LIVE legal technical hour - a live weekly call to address your current legal technical and software questions, in addition to “What’s Hitting Your Practice This Week” topics.
  • With our live telephone support, you’re never more than a phone call away from an on-staff attorney dedicated to answering your individual technical, legal or software questions.

With LWP, you’re never in this alone. We’ve got you covered, 24/7.

6. Relationship Management System

Your law firm is all about relationships. To a great degree, your success is determined by how well you manage a multitude of vital relationships, especially referral relationships with allied professionals. And typically, managing key referral relationships is one of the most challenging needs in any law firm.

Lawyers with Purpose™ solves this for you with a complete Relationship Management System (RMS). Your RMS allows you to track all of your referral relationships, identify key relationships, bring added value to those relationships, and develop clear plans to work together in ways that benefit you, your allied professionals, and most importantly, your mutual clients.

7. Web-based Workflow System

Workflows are at the core of Lawyers with Purpose! Essentially, a workflow lets you leave the who, what, where, when and why to technology. The LWP ActionStep workflow system automates the complete LWP relationship and client enrollment system in one secure location, along with your calendar, email and database.

  • We have worked with the industry's premier cloud-based provider, ActionStep, to create LWP process templates for the Client Enrollment Process, Relationship Management System, Estate Planning, and Veterans Benefits.
  • This gives you a single, cloud-based system with no duplication of data entry and where you can quickly find everything you need about any client or matter.
  • We call this system downloading your brain, because you're taking your knowledge and experience, and turning it into a process for you and your staff to follow. It means your staff does things your way, your processes are consistent and best of all…your practice keeps on ticking, even when you're not there.
  • We have also incorporated HotDocs into ActionStep so your drafting software and client management system work together seamlessly as one unit.

* The purchase of ActionStep is the responsibility of the user and is not included in the monthly membership fee.

LWP Gold Membership - Systems,
Software, Base Membership Plus
Coaching, Consulting & Implementation,
and Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat

Again, Gold Membership includes everything in the Bronze Membership listed above, as well as the assignment of a personal implementation director, mentor program, and Attendance at the Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat (included for up to 3 members of your firm).

You will be working directly with someone who knows the program and software inside and out, and who can troubleshoot and guide you through the unique challenges faced by your law firm.

This is a serious, practical, and meticulously engineered program designed from the get-go to help you achieve maximum results and maximum success.  It’s hands down the best value to help you get the most out of the program each and every month.


Lawyers With Purpose is helping attorneys transform their lives and businesses, schedule a 15 minute call to discuss how we can help you.

Yes! I am ready to experience "LWP," consisting of all the necessary tools and strategies to streamline my practice, increase its scope and revenue, and avoid malpractice...all while working fewer hours.