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"Lawyers With Purpose"
Terms and Conditions

By checking the box on this page, you signify that you agree with the terms and conditions set forth in the Lawyers With Purpose License Agreement (Gold Membership Agreement) (Bronze Membership Agreement).

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** First payment upon joining through the landing page will be made via credit card. Subsequent payments must be set up to be paid via ACH with the form provided to you from Lawyers With Purpose.  If, for any reason, you are unable to set up ACH payments there will be an additional 3% monthly added to your licensing fee for credit card processing.


If not satisfied you may terminate your membership by providing written notice to LWP by the end of the final day of the LWP "Practice With Purpose Program." A Practice with Purpose Program is offered within four (4) months after the Effective Date of this Agreement and approximately every four (4) months thereafter.  YOU may not terminate this Agreement early unless you have attended the Practice with Purpose Program.  If you elect to terminate this membership, you shall be relieved from any further financial obligations under your LWP Licensing agreement. Material Costs required to participate in the LWP "Practice With Purpose Program" are Non-Refundable.

LWP Gold Membership - Systems, Software, Base Membership Plus Implementation (First Onboarding To Success Included for One Attendee. Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat Included for Up to 3 Attendees)

Monthly Membership Fee 
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LWP Bronze Membership - Systems, Software and Base Membership (Tri-Annual Practice Enhancement Retreat @ $2297 per person)

Monthly Membership Fee 
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